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Information on the legislation that introduced the statewide tolling feasibility study, full timeline and details, and frequently asked questions.

The Michigan Legislature required MDOT to conduct a tolling feasibility study

Public Act 140 of 2020 and Public Act 73 of 2022, required MDOT to hire a consultant to prepare a tolling and managed lanes feasibility study and strategic implementation plan for the state of Michigan. Working with HNTB and CDM Smith, MDOT is conducting a Michigan Tolling Feasibility Study that considers the following:

  • Evaluate the economic impact and feasibility
  • Consideration of a discount program
  • Impact on out-of-state operators
  • Applicability for federal tolling programs
  • Optimal toll rates
  • Identification of required tolling rules
  • Long-term financing opportunities
  • Identification of candidate corridors
  • Identify ways to maximize use of Michigan workers and products

Michigan tolling feasibility study

Step 1

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study will determine if tolling makes sense and identify the most promising corridors from Michigan's 31 limited-access corridors.

  • Complete initial traffic and revenue evaluation
  • Analyze the corridors using Michigan-specific data (I.e., road and bridge conditions, speed and travel reliability, and socioeconomic data)
  • Conduct screening to identify the most promising corridors

Step 1

Step 2

Implementation Plan

Complete the following for the most promising candidate corridors:

  • Assess the feasibility of federal tolling programs
  • Refined traffic and revenue evaluation, and establish toll rates and impacts
  • Establish equity and discount programs
  • Complete economic and environmental analyses
  • Explore financing opportunities
  • Set policy and rules
  • Finalize projects and schedules

Step 3

Final Recommendations

No later than January 31, 2023

Step 3

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